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Arno, the Schnauzer who was the love of Errol Flynn's Life


Not a Giant Schnauzer, a standard one, but Arno was almost as well known as his famous owner, the late actor, Errol Flynn.

Errol had a bad reputation for chasing women and for brawling; he was not always popular among his peers, but he had one redeeming feature - he loved dogs.

Arno was a standard Schnauzer, and was Flynn’s constant companion, accompanying him on all his film sets, barking loudly and happily whenever the director cried “cut” and he knew that the filming was over and he could have the attention of his beloved master.

The actor was rarely seen without the dog by his side.

He would also accompany Flynn on his yacht, where he would entertain himself chasing flying fish.

Unfortunately, this game proved to be his undoing. In August 1941, it is believed that he jumped overboard after a fish when no one was about. By the time his disappearance was noticed, it was too late to save him, despite Flynn's hiring several boats to search.

Arno’s body was washed up near Balboa, California some three days later. The actor arranged for the coastguards to give the dog a naval burial at sea.

Overcome with grief, Flynn did not have the courage to claim the dog’s body immediately it was discovered.

This caused a Hollywood gossip columnist, Jimmy Fidler, to write a scathing report claiming that the actor didn’t really care about the Schnauzer.

Notorious for his temper, Flynn was enraged. He got drunk, then went after the reporter.

When police arrived Fidler had been beaten unconscious, and his wife had stabbed Flynn in the ear with a fork.

One of Errol Flynn’s biographers claimed that the actor loved Arno more than any human in his life.

From Arno to Giant Schnauzer

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